My handmade guitars

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My handmade guitars

Post by RSE » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:21 pm

I haven't been around this forum lately, and I still can't play worth a damn -- not Scott's fault -- but I'm having some success with my guitars. I've sold 6 of my first 7 guitars (I'm keeping #1), and I'm working on two custom commissions. So far, all my customers are really thrilled with their guitars. I keep getting comments like, "my other guitars are jealous", and, "I don't play my other guitars very much anymore". I must be doing something right! Now, if I could only get motivated to practice playing more. :)
P.S. If you look up a player called SPROVEV on YouTube, you can see videos and sound samples of two of my guitars. Svilen plays them very well, and he has a wonderful repertoire of simple, melancholy pieces.

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