On the Road - the Chateau

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On the Road - the Chateau

Post by scott » Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:50 pm

Check here for future posts regarding our recent Chateau performance!

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Post by scott » Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:03 pm

Sue Williams
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Post by Sue Williams » Mon Oct 13, 2008 6:22 pm

So here's my $.02 on the event:

It felt a bit like CGI, except I didn’t have to worry about playing!

Scott, Karla, Brian (and Cindy) and Alan (and Suzanne) arrived at the Chateau about 1:30 on Friday to a setting that had been lightly dusted with snow. Unpredicted weather, but beautiful! The setting high in the Siskiyou Mountains is really quite spiritual.

Thanks to their concerts, our facility was 100% booked for the weekend. The Friday concert had a small but appreciative audience and allowed everyone to work through the program of music, get the feel for the acoustics in the lobby, and basically get the kinks out.

The lobby of the Chateau is a huge open area with a stone fireplace in the middle of one section, and the whole area is surrounded by huge plate glass windows. Because everything is constructed of wood, there is a lot of creaking especially in the areas near the grand staircase. And since the performance was in a lobby, people were coming in the front door occasionally. It made for some real challenges to everyone’s focus (especially the woman with the squally 2-yr old who had to be asked to leave). Definitely not your concert hall environment.

Scott began the Friday night program, followed by Brian and Karla playing alternating Brouwer studies. Karla played her Baroque set, then Alan treated the audience with two South American pieces. I’ll leave it to the group to tell you exactly what they played, as Scott didn’t provide me with a program and I didn’t take any notes. But they alternated players thru the program, with Scott closing out the performance.

Saturday’s concert had a larger audience and the format and music changed. Karla began this evening’s performance. All the players had much more interaction with the audience, explaining who they were, how they came to the classical guitar, and some information about the music and the composers of the pieces they played. It was a brilliant move and really brought the audience into the performance. (I have pictures from this night's performance, they're not good, but see the post above.)

After the people had cleared from the lobby, I had a chance to play my new 640 guitar for everyone. It’s still opening up, but I love the voice even now. I also got a chance to play Karla’s new 640 . . . wow, she says it’s like playing a cannon it’s so loud, and she’s right! Man, talk about projection !!!

Alan and Sue Perlman were here for the weekend, which made for fun discussions on, what else, guitars. Alan brought two of his guitars up for the group to play, and Alan Matthews used one of the new guitars for his part in Saturday’s concert. It was beautiful.

Saturday, after the concert, we gathered in the ghost room to see if we could summon “Elizabeth”, one of the ghosts who inhabits the Chateau. After much pleading, meditating, and wine drinking, she was not making her appearance. She probably thought we were a rather boorish group!

I’ll leave it to the others to tell their side of the experience. Some spent the day on Saturday hiking on the trails at the Monument, others did take the tour of the Oregon Caves , and others just used the time to relax (there are no phones in the rooms or TVs).

It was a great weekend, and an incredible way to close out the Chateau’s 2008 event season. Planning is going on for next year’s schedule, and we open with classical guitarist David Rogers (Head of the SOU Guitar Program) on May 8 and 9. Alan Matthews expressed interest in coming down again, and you can bet I’ll get him on the program for early June!



Post by Guest » Thu Oct 16, 2008 9:51 am

Well, I'm officially jealous! :mrgreen: Sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful event and I would have loved to have been part of it. I'm just going to have to purchase a second home in Portland! Sue, I am in great admiration of the exciting and meaningful work you are doing. And, how very smart of you to infuse music into making a difference for the Chateau.

Congratulations everyone!


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Post by Nyghtfall » Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:02 pm


Wow... just... wow...

That is so cool! I wish I could've been there. I love the rustic look of the place. Grats to everyone involved!

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